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Oct 19 Joseph Spierer – Architectural Pre-Design & Site Analysis - What Buyers Need To Know
Sep 27 New Wildfire Disclosure Report with Mindy Regan, SNAP NHD, & Paul Scola, Founder and CRO of Fortress Fire
Aug 30 Rev Up Your Listings in Reverse - The three ways a Reverse Mortgage can get you a transaction
Aug 23 What is Radon Gas?
Aug 16 Mastering Offer Acceptance – The Art of Sealing the Deal in a Competitive Market
Jun 1 1031 Exchange: How to Take Advantage of the equity built up within Investors Rentals with Phil Atwan
May 20 Unpermitted Construction - Risk, Penalties, and How to Remedy it?
Apr 27 Recharge To Take Charge: Creating Longevity In Real Estate
Mar 23 1031 Exchange – Advanced Session #2 with Phil Atwan
Mar 29 F4T - New Cal HFA Loan Program & Negotiating Techniques
Mar 9 Estate Planning, Trusts, Probate, and Prop 19 with Tracy Kayser, Esq.
Feb 23 Feng Shui in Real Estate
Feb 15 Leverage Chat GPT to Boost Your Real Estate Business
Feb 2 Probate from A to Z for Real Estate Professionals
Jan 26 Taking Care of You! Mental Health and Self Care for REALTORS®

Dec 8 The Power of INC: Tax Savings During Times of Economic Uncertainty
Nov 17 Why Solar?
Sep 28 Reverse Mortgage Mysteries Revealed
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Aug 31 F4T - $40,000 ADU Grant for Renovation Loan with Loan Depot
Aug 18 Learn to Go Savvy from home! Free PVPAR member benefit
Aug 17 F4T - ADU Gold & How to farm using Pacific Coast Title Tool Box
Aug 10 F4T - Capitalizing on your sphere of influence (SOI) to gain new investor busine$$
Aug 4 C.A.R. Chief Economist, Jordan Levine: Mid-Year Housing Forecast
Aug 3 Topic: F4T - $5,000 Chase Homebuyer Grant Program
Jun 30 Help your clients pay less to the IRS
Jun 28 PVPAR June Breakfast Meeting - Using Digital Currencies for Real Estate
Jun 16 All Things Curbio! Agent Marketing Toolkit
Jun 9 Part One: The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange in 2022
May 19 Local Drought Update
May 12 LAX is getting a facelift: Learn about the LAX Capital Improvement Program
May 4 Food 4 Thought - Convert More Listings and Win More Offers Using Personality Science (B.A.N.K.®)
Apr 21 RPA Cliff Notes With The One and Only Gov Hutchinson
Mar 31 Neuroscience hacks to scale your business and create extraordinary health and relationships
Feb 24 PVPAR 2022 Installation!
Feb 15 PVPAR February Breakfast Meeting: Gov Hutchinson!
Feb 9 Food 4 Thought - CalFire Chief Steven Hawks talks Fire Prevention & SB 63
Jan 20 Goal Setting for 2022, the Do's and Don'ts!
Jan 19 Food 4 Thought - Trusts and the Issues you Need to Know

Dec 9 Updater for Real Estate, Give your clients a stress-free move
Nov 17 Food 4 Thought - Knowing how to use this One free tool can Help Increase your Business Immediately!!!
Nov 11 New RPA Training - Get trained, prepared, and READY!
Oct 28 Get all the Updates from the Assessor's Office on Prop 19
Oct 27 Food 4 Thought - Share your life story: DIY Documentary Memoirs
Oct 20 Food 4 Thought - Do you know the steps to take to be in compliance with Assembly Bill 38? Join us to find out.
Oct 14 Technology Updates & Tips with Josh Sharfman, Ph.D.
Sep 28 PVPAR September Breakfast Meeting: REALTOR Safety Month! Stay Safe out there!
Sep 22 Food 4 Thought - Enhance your home with Feng Shui for the Autumn Season
Sep 15 Food 4 Thought - RentSpree: New MLS feature for lease listings
Aug 11 Food 4 Thought - Dramatically Simplify the Loan Process
Aug 5 New Changes in Eviction Moratorium
Aug 4 Food 4 Thought - Social Media Current Content Branded Specifically for you!
Jul 28 Food 4 Thought - Home Warranty Wednesday
Jul 21 Food 4 Thought - NHD and Phase I: Win the Risky Transactions
Jul 15 RPR Overview - Why You Need Realtor’s Property Resource in Your Tool Kit
Jun 22 PVPAR June Breakfast Meeting: Palos Verdes Peninsula City Managers Update!
Jun 10 PVPAR YPN - How to be a Social Media REALTOR®
Jun 2 Food 4 Thought - Environmental Risk Concerns, The Phase 1 and NHD Differences & Similarities
Apr 22 What you need to know about-Views and ADU's in Palos Verdes
May 21 PVPAR and Glide: Glide Offers
Apr 29 The 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange in 2021 - Part 1
Apr 28 Food 4 Thought - Social Branch Marketing will show you how to close more deals
Apr 21 F4T - What is Today's Biggest Challenge in Real Estate? LEAD GENERATION!
Apr 1 Use Glide to Prepare, Fill, Send, and Sign any C.A.R. Form
Apr 1 Fire Chief Q & A
Mar 23 PVPAR March Breakfast Meeting: Ask the Assessor about Prop 19
Mar 11 Insights to Architectural Design
Mar 3 Food 4 Thought - New Disclosure Alert: Home Hardening & Defensible Space Disclosure
Feb 24 Food 4 Thought - Realize Your Core Desires and Bring Purpose to Your Real Estate Career
Feb 23 PVPAR February Breakfast Meeting: Gov Hutchinson
Feb 17 Food 4 Thought - Wellness in the Time of Coronavirus
Feb 10 Food 4 Thought - Eat Your Way Through 2021... The Healthy Way!
Feb 4 Updates on ADUs by Florentine Christian, Certified ADU Specialist
Feb 3 Food 4 Thought - Transform your Home and Lifestyle with the Art of Feng Shui
Jan 27 Food 4 Thought - Follow Up Strategies That Will Get More Clients and Close More Sales
Jan 26 PVPAR January Breakfast Meeting: C.A.R. Annual Economic Forecast for PVPAR with Jordan Levine
Jan 21 2021 PVPAR Installation
Dec 9 Food 4 Thought - The Future of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
Nov 4 Food 4 Thought - Understanding Your NHD Report
Oct 28 Food 4 Thought - Expert on the Hill in all Things City-Related!
Oct 28 Market Update: Assessing the COVID Marketplace
Oct 21 8 Essential Components of an Exceptional Estate Plan
Oct 27 The Alternative to the 1031 Exchange
Oct 20 October Breakfast - Snapshot of Safety & Security issues in the current & post COVID era
Oct 14 Capture Listings and Generate Buyers FAST!!!
Oct 7 Food 4 Thought - Ask The Architect
Sep 22 September Breakfast - Legislative Update with CAR Rep. Christy Hayek
Sep 16 Food 4 Thought - Summer Housing Update
Sep 9 Registered Status in CRMLS Matrix
Sep 2 Food 4 Thought - How COVID-19 has impacted the Interior Design world!
Aug 26 Food 4 Thought - Termite Tips from a Pro
Aug 6 Being Pro-Active and THRIVING in the Time of COVID-19
Aug 5 Food 4 Thought - Prelim to Paycheck
Jul 22 Food 4 Thought - Top Plays from the 2020 ADU Playbook!
Jul 20 The Ultimate Secrets of Architecture on the Hill
Jul 15 Food 4 Thought - Leverage Your Latest Sales Statistics to Get More Listings
Jul 9 RentSpree Training
Jul 8 Food 4 Thought - Understanding Your NHD Report
Jun 29 CRMLS Updates - Clear Cooperative Rules & More
Jun 26 PV City Process Revealed! Hear it from an Expert in the field!
Jun 24 Food 4 Thought - The RPA from a Lenders View!
Jun 23 June Breakfast Meeting featuring John Giardinelli
Jun 19 Food 4 Thought - Social Media Back on Track Meeting
Jun 10 Food 4 Thought - Title Fraud!
Jun 3 Food 4 Thought - Termite Inspection Basics
May 27 Food 4 Thought Series: Loans in 2020!
May 20 YPN Gets REAL - Mind, Body, and Soul
May 19 May Breakfast: What Makes Your Property Hot?
May 1 PVPAR YPN Presents: The NEW Virtual REALTOR
Apr 23 Performing Your Business Virtually
Apr 21 PVPAR - APR Breakfast Meeting - Inglewood SoFi Stadium
April 13 Art Carter Clear Cooperation Policy
April 9 Town Hall Meeting with Attorney John V. Giardinelli